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Prices for hair extensions will vary depending on the method used, grams, length, texture etc. Long Hair Extensions And Beauty offers the highest grade hair currently on the market in lengths starting at 14 inches up to 24 inches in a variety of colors and textures starting at $375, taxes included!

Extension Removal$75

Weft Tighten Up$60

Hair Info

Fusion Keratin

Hair is pre tipped with a keratin bond at the top. Also called nail tip or sticky u tip. The bond is heated on its own and then applied to your hair using a protector. It is completely safe and your hair will not be damaged if applied correctly. This method is best for adding both length and volume.


This method is most similar to wearing clip in hair extensions, except with tape. Small sections of hair are sandwiched between the tape extensions. The tape extensions must be moved up every 1-2 months or they will slip out. The hair can be reused up to a year. This method is best for adding length.


Similar to the fusion application method except rather than heat the pre-tipped keratin bond, hair is clamped with a tiny ring. Not as long lasting or durable as the fusion method but great for adding both volume and length. Requires maintenance every 1-2 months due to slippage.

Hair length guide

Lengths are on average and will vary from person to person :

14 inch: an inch or two below the shoulders
16 inch: top of the bra strap
18 inch: mid back
20 inch: (most popular)- falls to bra band length
22 inch: lower back
24 inch: the most dramatic look falling almost to the tailbone (or shorter if you are tall or if order body wave texture)

Color matching:

You must have your hair coloured to your desired color before the consult. I will color match you according to my color wheel. If you are between colors I will combine the two closest shades to achieve your color. In fact I often prefer to blend colors for subtly added dimension.

Extension Aftercare

Extensions might be painful or uncomfortable for the first day or two. This is normal.

Extension DO’s
  • Brush out hair before showering to get rid of tangles.
  • Hold hair firmly when brushing so that you do not pull out your bonds.
  • Tie your hair in a loose braid when sleeping to avoid matting/tangling.
  • Keep hair hydrated with deep conditioners  and treat it like you would your own hair but avoid direct contact with the bond.
  • Remove bonds professionally with the proper tools.
Extension DONT’s
  • Wash extensions for 48 hours.
  • Comb hair when wet because hair is more delicate.
  • Keep hair wet for long periods of time. Hair extensions might change in ph balance or appearance if exposed to chlorine, salt water, or extreme climate changes.
  • Use oil based products directly at the bonds.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo or conditioner because they raise the cuticle of the hair.
  • Use hot tools directly at the bonds.
  • Use harm chemicals or dyes.

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